About Gryphon Digital Design

My name is Amanda Griffin and I come from a computing/art/museum background.  I have found my niche where I can use all three of these disciplines by creating websites and providing digital support for museums, galleries and other creatives.

I am passionate about making  websites function as an extension of your museum or creative expression.  To be a place that your visitor can go to expand upon their experience, digging deeper into your stories and what you are about.


The last five years I have worked in the Museum Sector and seen many of the smaller museums struggle with the digital side of the business. This is an area that has grown to be of great importance especially now that we live in a world that includes Covid-19. More people need to get information online.

As museums grow in size and professionalism, they often want to get their collections organised. This is an opportune time to put the collection online. The ideal place for this is on their own website where the staff or volunteers can also update visitors on what’s happening at the museum.