Claire Ellery

Claire is an artist who works in a variety of media but textiles are her main passion. She wanted a website to show off this work as well as her two other areas she works in; window displays and floral installations from foraged material.

It was important for Claire to be able to update her images as she created new work. This one-page site is created in WordPress so that she is able to maintain it herself.

Her site has a very minimal look to it which highlights the artwork and nothing else. Everything is in black and white apart from the images.

Amanda has met with me on numerous occasions, and is incredibly helpful and patient, providing training, and support, over many years. I have found the whole process a great experience and I’m very proud of the work we have created.
Claire Ellery

Claire has a lot of work to display so image carousels work well for her. She can add or take away images as often as she likes.

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